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The cost structure of a C-Parts production has 20% direct cost and 80% Indirect Cost as a floating iceberg in the ocean, the invisible portion under sea level can also represent as the indirect cost of a product.
We dedicate to assist our customer in reducing the total cost by providing our service and working closely with our suppliers on managing the 80% indirect operations.

Working With Our Supplier

We support out supplier to do the monthly analysis in terms of the relevant KPIs to monitor its management system, and to identify the index which is out of tolerance and needs to be corrected.
Project Management
We use project management method to follow up the relevant progress of a new article development, and control the lead time to reach the customer demand.
Continual Improvement
We regularly audit our supplier on-site and provide them the opportunities for improvement, and the possible corrective actions.
Quality Management System Upgrade
We work with our suppliers and regularly discuss the relevant issue they are facing today in terms of Quality Management System, through a quality meeting, our supplier is able to upgrade their quality management system by identifying the potential fault.
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