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H.D.G. Bolt meets a Ring Thread Gage!
In general, a Hot Dip Galvanized Bolt has difficulty to control thread pitch diameter with a grade H Ring thread Gage, here we can provide you with the bolt with Hot Dip Galvanize coating and fit Ring Thread Gage with the most suitable and stable rolling process. It makes you can use the bolt in any mating threaded hole without any difficulty with our quality consistency.

Stick on the bit – Stainless Screw
The screw is able to fulfilled Pozi Pin Gage checking, and would stick on bit when its application.
Surface Hardness up to 590 HV, Drilling speed and Breaking torque meets or Exceeds JIS B1059, ASTM C1513

Hydrogen Embrittlement Control
High strength mechanical steel fasteners are broadly characterized by tensile strengths in the range of 1,000 – 2,000 MPa (150 – 300 ksi), and are often used in critical applications such as in bridges, vehicle engines, aircraft, where a fastener failure can have catastrophic consequences. Preventing failures due to hydrogen embrittlement (HE) and managing the risk of HE are fundamental considerations implicating the entire fastener supply chain, including: the steel mill, the fastener manufacturer, the coater, the application engineer, the joint designer, all the way to the end user. (Fundamentals of hydrogen embrittlement in steel fasteners - SALIMBRAHIMI ENG. 2014). We dedicate to avoid and manage the invisible failure risk of Hydrogen Embrittlement by control the relevant process like heat treatment, electro-plating according to product’s reference standard.

Reference Process Control Standard : ASTM B633, ASTM F1941, ISO 4042, ISO 9588
Reference Test Method Standard In General: ASTM F606, FIP 1000, ISO15330, SAE J78, SAE J773, SAE J238.

A Baking Certificate would be provided if a Hydrogen Embrittlement Concerned parts is ordered.

Construction Bolt / Screw with more than 35 years corrosion durability in the Real World!
World Patent for XIOD coating, is the most reliable and Ecofriendly coating for Solar Panels, Wind Turbine, and even for all kind of offshore constructions.
As much as 30 percent of wind farm operating and maintenance costs are associated with gearbox maintenance alone. Reducing these costs can help wind farms stay more profitable, efficient, and competitive, bringing clean energy wind farms to the forefront. productivity.

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