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ARK Fastech provides you with Supply Chain Service for your ALL current purchasing operation in APAC region, If you are purchasing parts from APAC and…
  1. Want to discover the most suitable maker for your product or expanding your product line.
  2. Want to hit the target by efficient communication.
  3. Want to manage your daily production and delivery schedules to secure your customers.
  4. Need to secure the quality of your parts in-process inspection and final inspection before shipping, so to find the potential quality problem earlier.
  5. Need to secure your initial sample to be submitted correctly in terms of quality and delivery.
    We have strong sourcing base of more than 100 suppliers located in APAC for providing you the most suitable sourcing advice and competitive business suggestion.
    Our supplier management is based on the Supplier Approval process which is run according to TS16949 requirements to identify a supplier, approve and evaluate him regularly on key indexes like, Quality, Delivery, and Service. With this way, we are able to limit your risk and be your reliable contact in APAC.
Have your local support on Supplier Chain Management APAC to efficient the communication and the relevant operation now.
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